Italy Flag
    Italian Flag
    Italian flag
    Name Tricolore
    Adopted 18 June 1946
    Proportion 2:3
    Colors Green (Hex #009246)
    White (Hex #FFFFFF)
    Red (Hex #CE2B37)
    Italian Flag
    The flag of Italy (bandiera d'Italia) is a tricolor flag - three equal vertical bands of green (hoist side), white, and red. The design, a vertical tricolor, was inspired by the French flag brought to Italy by Napoleon. The first state to use the Italian tricolor was the Cispadane Republic in 1797, which supplanted Milan after Napoleon's victorious army reached Italy in 1796. The colors of the flag were derived from the flag of Milan (red and white) and the uniform of the civic guard of Milan (green)
    Italy Flag Colors - symbolism
    Italy Flag Colors - colors meaning
    Green stands for prosperity
    White represents peace
    Red symbolizes sacrifice
    Italian Flag Colors - physical symbolism

    Green stands for the beautiful meadows and hills of Italy
    White represents snowy Alps
    Red symbolizes fertile soil of Italy
    Italian Flag Colors - spiritual symbolism

    Green stands for hope
    White represents faith
    Red symbolizes charity
    Italian Flag history

    Italian Coat of Arms
    The first green-white-red tricolor flew in 1797 as the banner of the Cisalpine Republic. King Charles Albert of Sardinia made it official flag by the decree of March 23, 1848. King Alberto added his coat of arms to the flag. After Italy was united in 1870, King Vittorio Emmanuele II added a crown above the Arms and a shield to the Flag. On June 19, 1946, when Italy became a Republic, those symbols were removed from the tricolor making it a simple tricolor of green, white and red. The official proportion of Italian flag is 2:3, while the war flag is squared (proportion of 1:1)
    Italian National Anthem
    Italy Flag facts
    Italy Flag
    Italy Flag information

    The official proportion of Italian flag is 2:3, while the war flag is squared (proportion of 1:1)
    Italian Flag Image
    Italy Flag Image
    Italian Flag Vs Irish Flag
    Italian flag is sometimes mistaken with the Irish flag as both are vertical tricolors. The third band in Italian flag is Flame Scarlet red while it is orange in Irish flag
    Differences between Irish Flag and Italy Flag
    Mexican Flag Vs Italian Flag
    Though Italian flag and the Mexican flag look similar, they have significant differences. Italian tricolor uses lighter shades of green and red compared to Mexican flag. Italian flag's proportion is 2:3, while the Mexican flag's proportion is 4:7. More importantly, Mexican flag has its coat of arms in the middle white band and Italian flag is simple vertical tricolor.
    Differences between Mexican Flag and Italy Flag

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